About Journal

About Journal

Journal of Al-Muthanna University for Agricultural Science(JMAS).

Scientific and refereed journal has been established in Iraq. The first volume was published in 2011. JMAS is registered with the National Library and Documentation, Deposit No.1624 of 2011. Quarterly journal, that publishes two issues per year.

Publisher: Al-Muthanna University.
Institution: College of Agriculture .

Address: Iraq – Al-muthanna / Educational Zone (view in map)

Field scope the journal is specialized in the following subjects

filed Crops

 plant Breeding.

  • Agricultural Economics

  •  Agricultural Extension.

  • Agricultural Mechanization.

  • food processing

  • Basic sciences

  •  Horticultural Sciences.

  •  Animal Husbandry.

  • Food Technology, plant Pathhology.

  • plant Entomology

  •  Poultry Sciences

  •  Soil Sciences.

  • ater Resources.

  • Veterinary.

  • iology.

  • Environment.

  • Pollution.

  • Biochemistry.

Peer Review:

It is the process to ensure the quality of manuscript before publication in the Journal. Generally, the submitted manuscripts in the journal are reviewed by two experts of the concerned research field. They evaluate the manuscript for originality, relevance, validity and significance of the research work. On the recommendation of the reviewer’s manuscript is accepted for publication.

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The Author

Muthanna Agriculture

An Iraqi refereed journal issued by Al-Muthanna University, College of Agriculture, is concerned with publishing sober research in all aspects of agricultural sciences