About Journal

About Journal

Journal of Al-Muthanna University for Agricultural Science(JMAS)

The agricultural Journal issued by the College of Agriculture , Al-Muthanna University, established in 2011, it is registered with the National Library and Documentation,Deposit No.1624 of 2011. Quarterly magazine that publishes two issues per year.

Publisher: Agriculture College,Al-Muthanna University

Address: Iraqi, Al-muthanna , Educational Zone , Al-Muthanna University , College of Agriculture.


The international number of JMAS are: ISSN: 4086 – 2226

Al-Muthanna Journal of Agricultural Sciences is aScientific refereed journal.

Covers agricultural and biological sciences. where you deal with:

filed Crops. olant Breeding. Agricultural Economics. Agricultural Extension.

Agricultural Mechanization.Basic sciences. Horticultural Sciences.Animal Husbandry.

Food Technology,plant Pathhology.plant Entomology.Poultry Sciences.Soil Sciences.

Water Resources.Veterinary.Biology.Environment.Pollution.Biochemistry.

al-muthanna Resources.Veternary./Biology.Environmrnt.Pollution.Biochemistry.

Al-Muthanna Journal of Agricultural Sciences – An open journal(OA).

open access means unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse.With open Access,Researchers can read and build on other peoples results without restrictions.



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The Author

Muthanna Agriculture

An Iraqi refereed journal issued by Al-Muthanna University, College of Agriculture, is concerned with publishing sober research in all aspects of agricultural sciences
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