Effect of using three different sources of water in some hematological traits of local male rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus).


An experiment was carried out during 15/2/2017 to 1/5/2017, besides, 15 days as adaptation period, at the Animal house, Veterinary College, AL-Muthanna University, to evaluate the effect of three different sources of water in some hematological parameters of local male rabbits. Twelve healthy local male rabbits of 2.5-3 months’ age were selected for this trail. Rabbits were randomly divided into three groups, each of 4 rabbits, on body weight. First group RO [(Reverse osmosis water group) control, second group (Tap water group ) and third group (river water group)]. Significant increases (P<0.05) were found in RBC of G2(6.37±0.33) at wk8compared with G1(5.77± 0.26), G3 at wk8(7.03±0.24) and wk4(6.70±0.18) compared with G1 (5.78± 0.32), (5.77± 0.26) respectively. There was a significant increase (P<0.05) in WBC count of the groups G1 (8.89± 0.49), G2(9.67±0.40), respectively, at wk8 compared with G3(6.41± 0.81), also, G1(10.30±0.27) was significantly increased (P<0.05) at wk4 compared with G3(5.91±1.26). Lymphocyte cells{8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d} was significantly increased (P<0.05) in G1(44.02 ± 0.82) at wk4, wk8 compared with G3(31.17± 2.61) and G2(42.75±1.52) respectively. Neutrophil cells {8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d} was significantly increased (P<0.05) in G1 at wk0andwk8(53.70± 0.62) (52.87± 0.66),compared withG3(48.52±1.23), while G2 was significantly increased (P<0.05) at wk4 and wk8(51.92±2.16), (50.7±1.05) compared with G3(44.67± 1.68),(43.17± 1.21) .There was no significant difference in the Esinophiles and Monocytes  between all groups of rabbits during the whole period of experiment while in monocytes G3 was significantly decreased (P<0.05) at wk4andwk8(4.63± 0.27),(4.34±0.36) compared with wk0(7.34±1.17). Basiophile cells{8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d} showed that there was significant increase (P<0.05) in G2 (1.34±0.14) at wk8 compared with G3 (0.67±0.13). In conclusion from this study that the quality and resources of water play an important role in some blood parameters of local male rabbits, subsequent impact in animal hygienic performance.

Mohamad  K. Hamed AL-Absawi, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of ALmuthanna