Instructions to shareholders

Instructions to shareholders

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Publication style in Al-Muthanna Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Instructions for Contributors

Please find below the method of publishing in this journal:

1- The research should be innovative and contribute to solving a problem or part of a scientific problem related to agriculture, biology and veterinary work.

2- The research has not been published or will be published in other scientific journals, and the research was not conducted more than three years ago.

3- The paper should be submitted in three copies written in English with the abstract in Arabic on white A4 paper and the lines between the line and the last 1.5 cm. The first page of the English and Arabic abstracts is dedicated without columns. Pages were printed from introduction to end of research in two columns. The distance between the columns is 1 cm, the margin from the left, the right, the top, and the bottom left is 2 cm.

4- The magazine is subject to verification of plagiarism using special plagiarism programs.

5- The research will be rejected if the scientific evaluators find that the research is of low quality or rejected due to the need for substantial amendments.

6- If the research is accepted and the proposed amendments are made, the researcher or researchers must submit one corrected copy with a CD – Microsoft Word – and match it with a member of the editorial board. Researcher (s) will pay publishing fees. Providing the researcher (s) with a sealed paper confirming the acceptance of the research for publication.

7- The journal’s editorial board is keen to make a decision to accept or reject the research within a period not exceeding four months from the date of receiving the research until the decision to publish it. The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board have the right to refuse the paper if they are convinced that the researchers do not comply with the journal’s publishing requirements.

Research writing style

1. The title of the research is prominent and distinctive to the researcher’s work

2. The names of the researchers with their affiliation

3. E-mail for each researcher

4. Abstract in English and in the form of a single piece, not exceeding 300 words. The abstract includes the objective, the summary of the work, the design of the experiment (if any), factors and experimental levels, and their impact on the research. The researcher should write the abstract in a clear, comprehensive and practical way.

5. Keywords (keywords for search)

6. The title in Arabic with the names of the researchers and their affiliation.

7. Arabic Abstract, connected and without paragraphs.

8. The introduction is in the English language, and the reviews are mentioned the researcher’s name and year. As well as adding each of the materials and methods of work, results and discussion with conclusions with mention of thanks and appreciation, and references for the information that all these paragraphs are in the form of two columns.

9. The researcher writes the research title, abstract, introduction, results, discussion and references in large English letters.

10. References are as follows. If the reference is a book, thesis, or master thesis, the first letter of each word in the title must be capitalized, then the publisher, city, state, and total pages of the book or thesis (p). If the citation is from certain pages and is mentioned only once, then type, on followed example

Al-Yaseen, A.A. and M.H. Abdul-Abbas 2010. Poultry Feed. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad.

If the reference a research published in a scientific journal:

Al-Gharawi, J.K.M., A.H. Al-Helali and I.F. Al-Zamili (2018). Effect of using different ways to provide the Iraqi probiotics on some productive traits of broilers. Plant Archives, 18 (1): 1102-1108.

All references that are in Arabic are written in the English language.

1. -Because of the importance of scientific references in the research, the number of references should not be less than 20 references, and half of them are recent from 2010 upwards, with the special link or DIO for each reference mentioned at the end of the reference. At least five references published in Al-Muthanna Journal for Agricultural Sciences must be mentioned in Research references.

2. Tables, figures and images used in the research should be clear, accurate and understandable. The title of the table is at the top of the table, while the title of the figures and images is at the bottom

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