Morphological study of Histological changes of the Normal and cystic follicles in the ovaries of local cows in Iraq.


The study was conducted at the laboratory, Dept. of animal production, Agric., College, AlMuthanna Univ. to investigated the morphological and histological changes between normal and cystic follicles in ovaries of local cows. 200 ovaries samples of cows at age of 1.5-9 years collected from the Diwaniya province slaughter. Ovaries were taken directly after slaughtering and then, classified to normal ovaries in size ≤ 2mm and abnormal (cystic) ovaries ≥ 2mm, which were divided according to the cysts to: Luteal and Follicular, the ovaries size dimensions were measured and the histological alterations in ovaries stroma were studied in two cyst types and compared in control group. Results showed that the evidence ratios of ovaries follicular and luteal cysts were (12.5 {8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d} and 9.5{8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d}, respectively), while the luteal changes in cyst diameter and follicular wall thickness were larger than in another type (4.78±0.1mm , 5.53 ±0.24µm, respectively).The Histological results showed that granulosa layer in follicular cyst were thinner and smaller thickness as compared with another types, while the layers of internal and external theca in luteal cyst were thicker more than the other types. Swallowing in the granular cells of two cysts types were recorded. Disappearing of the basement membrane and rupture of follicular wall in some regions were obvious.

Khadim M. S, Basic Sci. College, Al-Muthanna Univ.*

Ahmed A. K, Agric. College, Al-Muthanna Univ