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مجلة المثنى للعلوم الزراعية

مجلة عراقية محكمة تصدر عن جامعة المثنى كلية الزراعة تهتم بنشر الابحاث الرصينة في جميع جوانب العلوم الزراعية. يفضل ارسال الابحاث ذات الجانب العملي كما يجب ان يكون البحث غير منشور او مرسل للنشر لاي مجلة اخرى تخضع جميع البحوث لبرنامج كشف الاستلال وكذلك للتقييم من قبل خبراء محليين ودوليين قبل النشر. ان اول عدد […]

Response of Triticum aestivum Wheat (IPA99 variety) to Different Types of Organic Fertilizers

Abstract An agricultural experiment was carried out during the agricultural season 2016-2017, Aba99  wheat variety was planted at Al-Shattra site north of Al-Nassiryah city in Dhi-Qar province where different types of organic fertilizers produced from (Palme leaves, cane, Aljoulan, Alshamblan, maize, wheat hay) and urea fertilizer using in a complete randomized block design RCBD with […]

Effect of using three different sources of water in some hematological traits of local male rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus).

Abstract An experiment was carried out during 15/2/2017 to 1/5/2017, besides, 15 days as adaptation period, at the Animal house, Veterinary College, AL-Muthanna University, to evaluate the effect of three different sources of water in some hematological parameters of local male rabbits. Twelve healthy local male rabbits of 2.5-3 months’ age were selected for this […]

Morphological study of Histological changes of the Normal and cystic follicles in the ovaries of local cows in Iraq.

Abstract The study was conducted at the laboratory, Dept. of animal production, Agric., College, AlMuthanna Univ. to investigated the morphological and histological changes between normal and cystic follicles in ovaries of local cows. 200 ovaries samples of cows at age of 1.5-9 years collected from the Diwaniya province slaughter. Ovaries were taken directly after slaughtering […]

Effect of Bacterial pollination and mixing of different seeding rates of Avena sativa L. with Trifolium alexandrinum L. in growth and fodder yield of Clover

Abstract A field experiment was conducted in agricultural second research station, Agric. College, Al- Muthanna Univ., Iraq, during 2016 – 2017 growing season to determine the effect  clover inoculation with bacterial, and different mixture ratios of  oats Avena sativa L. (25{8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d}, 50{8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d}, 75{8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d} and 100{8aa0d92a9d700de00931fb59e75e46e902b43698544c97f28f7bec3700555d1d}) with amount of Trifolium alexandrinum L. seeds (40kg. h-1)] on […]

Individual and combined Effect of Aflatoxine B1 and ochratoxine –A in BroiIer Chicken Performance (ISA).

Abstract Factoriai Treatment2×2 consisting of dietery aflatoxine B1(3,0µg/gm) and ochratoxine-A(5,0µg/gm) were used to evaluate the individual and combined effect of these treatment on male broiler chicken (ISA type) performance. Chickens maintained on these treatments from 1-21 days of age. Aflatoxine B1 and ochratoxine-A, significantly decreased body weight, growth rate, serum protein, albumin and cholesterol. Aflatoxisis […]

Kinetic Release of Phosphorus when Adding Different Levels of Phosphor and its Fractionation in the Soil Planted Wheat Crop (Triticum aestivum L)

Abstract A field experiment was conducted in Al-Muthanna Governorate to studied influence of different levels of phosphorus three rate (0,50,100) kg P h-1 and three Payments of application (once , twice ,and three parts) on phosphorus released in the soil solution . The order first equation was used to explanation of the results. The result […]

Economic of potato production for Atumn season 2015-2016, Baghdad governerate as practical case

Abstract The research aimed at estimating the production function and the total cost function, as well as measuring the efficiency of resource use, technical, economic, price and cost efficiency. The study was based primarily on a simple random sample of (155) farmers in Baghdad governorate for the autumn season (2015-2016), The double logarithmic formula was […]

Study of the relationship between the concentration of leptin ,Testosterone and insulin in the infertile men

Abstract This study was carried out during the period 25/1/2017 to 20/3/ at AL-Sader Teaching Hospital in Najaf 2018, to investigate the effects of the relationship between the leptin hormone and infertile men, leptin hormone and two hormone (insulin and testosterone ) and some demographic factors as age, weight, height and body mass index on […]

The Effect of Different Levels of Fertilizer NPK of Growth and yield Medicago sativa L. and Triticosecale and Mixture

Abstract A field experiment was carried out at the Second Agricultural Research Station of the Faculty of Agriculture / Al-Muthanna University, located on the Euphrates River in Al-Bandar village, southwest of Al-Muthanna Governorate (800 m away from Samawah City Center / Muthanna Governorate) during the 2016-2017 winter season. Mixtures of forages. Medicago sativa L with […]